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What we do?

We bring training to the workfloor!


We work more and more, but we move less and less. This changing lifestyle has a huge impact on our body and on our mind. Therefore, it should be seen as one of the main challenges in creating an attractive and positive workplace.

The negative outcomes of not enough movement are often individual (eg. back pain, obesity, depression,...). But they also affect your team and organization (eg. stress, loss of productivity, lack of energy,...).

Some of us take it into their own hands and do regularly sports after work. Other needs a little push to get there. So... if your employees don't find their way to the gym, let's bring the training to the work floor.!

tired employee at desk
employees working as a team.


As a Personal Trainer, I commit on aligning (again) the bodies and minds of your employees. We'll put together a tailor-made program based on insights, group dynamics and coaching. Ultimately they will have to do it themselves, but we'll make a group challenge and with my personal touch, we'll make it even a fun moment to lookout to.

With train@work, I'll help you in offering your employees on their way to a healthier lifestyle full of confidence and I'll motivate them achieve their physical and mental goals.


  • for your organization

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce health costs
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • employee retention
  • Increase team spirit
  • for your employees

  • Improve health
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Happier lifestyle
  • Create a can-do mentality

Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.
George Halas

How it works

Four simple steps to a fit workplace!

1. Analysis

First we analyze the needs and the preferences of your employees.

2. Formula

After that we make a tailor made solution by choosing between various workout possibilities.

3. Planning

Next we determine at what times and places the workouts can take place.

4. Action

Finally we are ready to take action and ensure a healthier and more productive workplace.

group stretching fitboxing with employees group stretching coaching two employees

If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?
Joe Namath

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Various workout solutions for your employees!


Intensity: +

Woman doing pilates


Pilates is a workout method that emphasizes deep muscles, flexibility, balance, coordination and good posture. The great thing about pilates is that you can vary endlessly and / or combine with other disciplines and practice it with or without (small) instruments.


Intensity: +

Woman doing yoga


Yoga is 'stopping the division of the mind'. Yoga thus ensures the development of a clear, relaxed and creative mind. Yoga brings balance and activates the self-healing power in the body. Practicing Yoga contributes to this inner evolution, but also on a physical level yoga will make your body stronger, more beautiful and healthier.


Intensity: +

Group stretching


A stretching session is the most accessible session for every one of your employees. During this quiet session we search for the limits of our body with the support of soothing music. By paying attention to our breathing during our movements and focusing on our inner thoughts, we increase the awareness and intensity of the relationship between our body and mind.


Intensity: ++



An abs and glutes workout strengthens all muscle groups by emphasizing the abdominal belt. By focusing on the center of the body during this type of workout, the core will be strengthened. As a result, your employees will experience increased mobility and more power in their daily movements.

Fat burning

Intensity: ++

Man and woman doing cardio workout

Fat burning

A fat burning session is an intensive training in which we use the body weight during our exercises. We focus on the full development of the physical condition of your employees by emphasizing speed and agility. Already after a few sessions the results can be visible and an initial weight loss can be observed.

Fit boxing

Intensity: ++

two people dowing a fit boxing workout

Fit boxing

Fit boxing is a training that is inspired by energy-intensive martial arts. Your employees will not only improve their physical condition with this. By kicking and hitting, they will also learn to let off steam, increase their self-confidence and grow in physical and mental strength.


Intensity: none

man sitting with correct posture at desk


The correct posture at work is crucial to prevent physical complaints. By observing the workplace of your employees and mapping out their needs, we search together for quick wins. These can range from lifting techniques, seating advice, adjusting the office chair, evaluating the workplace,... We'll also examine together which small exercises can alternate the sedentary work and how we can implement those little techniques in the daily routine of your employee.

Our Team

Meet the coaches!

Coach Luc


Crossfit expert

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coach Rodrigue


Head Coach

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coach John


Cardio trainer

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Since we tried the boxing courses at work, i see that my team members apply this fighting mode in their daily business. It's satisfying to see how they push their boundaries and achieve their ambitions.

Dominique, CEO at Batenborch

Doing sports in team motivates me more than doing it alone. Moreover, it's very handy to combine with my family life, since i don't lose time doing sports at work.

Eleonor, Employee at Google Belgium

Train@work brings me in contact with people from other teams and oter floors. It creates connections between us that are usefull for professional colaborations.

Fleur, Employee at Google Belgium

Since i started exercising during business hours, i have felt my stress level drop and my energy and motivation go up. I totally recommend it!

Santiago, Employee Stepstone

I have been dieting and training alone. I staged for more than 2 months and my morale was at a low point. I called Train At Work to give it a boost. Thanks to their precious nutrition advice and workouts, The results were almost immediantly visible and i reached a level that I did not even dare to hope for. I am lighter and feel better in my body, I have a better endurance which helps me to work more serenely as a professional photographer where my back and my body is constantly in demand for more.

Xoura Costa, KOS Photography

KOS photography


We are happy to hear from you!

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Are you concerned about the physical health of your colleagues and employees? Are you convinced that a healthier lifestyle of your team members would be beneficial for them and for your organisation? Are you searching for a way to make your team fitter, but you don't really know how?

Send us short message and let's have a coffee together...

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