About Us

The history behind train@work

When it all started

Being a personal trainer for many years, I had the experience of clients coming to the gym after a long day at work, begin in need of energy or letting go of frustrations. I was surprised to learn that their employers offered them many vocational trainings and were willing to invest in their competences and talents, but not in their physical well‐being. However, how can you get the best out of people, when the brains are not aligned with the body?

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The Idea

That was the moment that the idea grew to offer companies a service that was not only interesting for their employees, but also for the company itself. Ask yourself, what could it mean for your company when your colleagues feel better in their body?

I didn't have to think long before coming up with a solution. The idea was to provide employees of a particular company with short and powerful sports sessions in the workplace.

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The results

The results of these workplace sports sessions were enormously beneficial for both employees and companies. Employees were more productive and the bond between colleagues was strengthened. In addition, it reduced absences and burn‐outs.

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Start of train at home

After some time I started to think about how I can reach people who do not have the opportunity to exercise at work and who prefer not to go to a gym. I came up with the idea to offer my personal training service online and the entire train at home project was born.

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The mission for the future

All of this has brings me to my mission, which is to: Make the world a more pleasant place by helping people to focus on their physical (and therefore mental) well-being.

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Our Services

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Train at work

Bringing the gym to the work floor, for those who believe ‐ just like us ‐ that healthier employees make more performant organizations.

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Train at home

Bringing the gym to your living room for those who want to work out in the comfort of their own house but prefer a tailor‐made program and a genuine coach that follows them up.

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Personal training

Bringing the gym as close as it can be in your life, for those who need the one‐on‐one human interaction to be able to push their sportive boundaries.

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Our clients

Personal training