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Rodrigue Nyemb

Head Coach

As a Personal Trainer I personally guide my clients to a healthier lifestyle (both physically and mentally) since more than 5 years. I take into account different aspects: their history, their goals, their struggles, their anxieties, their dietary habits, their week schedule... Then, I put together a customized sports and nutrition schedule, based on their age, weight and fat percentage.

I consciously avoid standard training schedules, because I know from my own experience that the combination of a strict diet, a merciless sporting rhythm and a hectic lifestyle is not obvious. Moreover, we are all different, so we all should profit from a personalized tailor made program that is fun, yet challenging and that push us to stretch our limits.

During my one‑on‑one training sessions, several of my clients suggested that it would be fun to train together on their work spot and they introduced me to their manager. And that's how train@work was born.

In my opinion, companies shouldn't only care for the brains of their employees; they should be concerned for their whole wellbeing. As a coach and personal trainer, I see it as my mission to not only change the lifestyles, but also the mindset of people. In favor of themselves and of their company. And that's a win-win.


John Webster

Cardio Trainer

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Luc Tchassem

Crossfit Expert

My passion is to be at the service of others. I like to share good vibes and energy, and my mission is to bring the sport mentality into your company.