We bring the gym To your living room

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What it's all about

Lack of persistence

Working out in the comfort of our homes sounds as a valid and worthy alternative for going to the gym. Yet, standard programs and being dependent on ourselves, we drop out quite quickly.

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Our Solution

Train at home doesn't accept you giving up. That's why we offer you an online tailor‐made fitness program with ambitious yet attainable objectives. Moreover, we'll stay in touch throughout your journey. Be assured, you won't escape!

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Train at home features

Access to your own tailor-made program

Access to your nutritional program

Access to your own body analysis data

Direct chat with your designated coach

Tracking of your progression and results

Follow up of your targets and objectives

How it works

1. Body analysis

First we do a full body analysis. This is necessary to set up a program that suits you.

2. Goal setting

We define your fitness goals and provide you with a program that pursues these goals.

3. Acces to online platform

You will then have access to our online platform where you can perform your workouts.

4. Start and follow‐up

You start your online fitness journey while we track your progress and help you achieve your goals.

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  • Practical Benefits

  • Train anywhere
  • Train anytime
  • Quick answers to your questions
  • Variation in creative workouts
  • Low‐cost
  • Personal Benefits

  • More energy
  • More self‐confidence
  • Better mental health
  • Better physical condition
  • Healthier lifestyle
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We are Responsive

Our application is available for every screen size. That way you can train everywhere, anytime and on any sort of device.

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Coach Samira


Life Coach

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Coach Rodrigue


Head Coach

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Coach gloria


Coach in fighting sports

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Coach luc


Crossfit Expert

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  • Personalized workouts

  • Nutrition plans


  • 1 year: €300

  • 6 months: €150

  • 3 months: €75



  • Personalized workouts

  • Nutrition plans


  • 1 year: €480

  • 6 months: €240

  • 3 months: €120



  • Personalized workouts

  • Nutrition plans


  • 1 year: €600

  • 6 months: €300

  • 3 months: €150


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Phone: +32 487 18 53 91

Email: rodrigue@trainatwork.be

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